Welcome to Lunenburg

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There was a wonderful turnout at last night’s Newcomers Welcome Reception at Town Hall.

In the words of our Town Cryer, Deputy Mayor John McGee:

Relocating to a new community requires courage, conviction and optimism. These traits were present in the minds of our founding fathers in 1753 and they remain an integral part of who we are as Lunenburgers today. Your being here this evening tells us that you also carry these attributes.

Therefore, even prior to your moving to Lunenburg you were Lunenburgers at heart. You have now only completed your transition.

Your fellow Lunenburgers rejoice at your arrival.

Mayor Rachel Bailey, MLA Suzanne Lohnes-Croft, and MODL Deputy Mayor Eric Hustvedt shared their greetings; Shelah Allen of Lunenburg Walking Tours gave a spirited 5-minute history of the Town; Councillors Croft, Mosher and Risser presided over a tasting of traditional Lunenburg foods; and everyone enjoyed delicious refreshments from the Grand Banker, Salt Shaker Deli, Moontown Market, and the Foodland.

Many thanks to the Welcome Committee – Sylvia Booth, Letisha McFall, Lori Nickerson, Christina Pottie, and Jane Theman – and especially to all who came out last night!

For further information on the Town, drop by Town Hall or visit our website's Newcomers page here:

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