Town Council Swearing In - November 10, 2020

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The video of the Swearing In Ceremony for Lunenburg Town Council 2020-24 is available here:

NOTE: Apologies for the low audio; sound has been boosted as much as possible.

Town Council 2020-24:

  • Mayor Matt Risser
  • Councillor Jenni Birtles
  • Councillor Melissa Duggan
  • Councillor Stephen Ernst
  • Councillor Ed Halverson
  • Councillor Peter Mosher
  • Councillor Susan Sanford

Musical guests: Mary Knickle, Jane Chiasson, and Amelie Leefe

Special guests: The Honourable Susanne Lohnes-Croft, Minister of NS Communities, Culture and Heritage; Chief Deborah Robinson, Acadia First Nation; Mayor Carolyn Bolivar Getson, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg; CAO/Town Clerk Bea Renton; Councillor Chasidy Veinotte, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg; Stephen Labrador, Acadia First Nation; Darren Romkey, Lunenburg & District Fire Department.

CONGRATULATIONS to the new Council, and THANK YOU to our guests.

The Council Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, November 10th are available on the Town website here.

See below for Mayor Risser's remarks at the event.

Council and Guests Nov 10

Mayor Risser's Remarks

Thank you to the special guests here tonight, and to the friends and family members who are with us, and to all the community members watching online. It’s a pleasure to have everyone participating in the swearing-in of this new Lunenburg Town Council.   

All seven of us have received so much support from friends, family and members of the community. With all these people rooting for us, I believe I can speak for the new Council in saying that we feel very well supported, and we are truly grateful to everyone. 

I think it’s important as well for us to take a moment to recognize that this new Council represents a number of historic firsts for Lunenburg. It’s probably safe to say that this is the youngest Town Council we’ve ever had, as well as the first Council with near gender parity among its members, and the first Council to count a person of colour among its ranks.  

These are all notable milestones in our progress as a community and as an organization. They are to be applauded.

I can also speak for Council in saying we recognize that, over the next four years, it will require careful planning, hard work, and determination to navigate the challenging and changing times in which we now find ourselves.  

Lunenburg, like many communities, now stands at a critical juncture. While we must preserve the most valued traditions of our way of life, we cannot rely on old formulas and approaches to secure our future wellbeing and prosperity.  

Fortunately, the election of a new Council marks a significant opportunity to refresh our thinking and update our perspective. It also provides a renewed opportunity to build upon our relationships with neighbours and partners, many of whom are represented here tonight.      

And as the councillors and I stated during the election, our path forward is clear. The comprehensive community plan developed through the Project Lunenburg process has identified the issues we need to focus on and provided sound guidance on how to confront them. 

Implementing this agenda is our priority, as is modernizing the Town’s governance and organization to better serve it, and enhancing public engagement so that it is realized in ongoing collaboration with our community.  

While we are mindful that there will inevitably be detours and difficulties along the way, we look forward in hope and optimism that our future is bright. 

And knowing the team our community has chosen gives me every confidence this will be the case.  

Now let’s get to work. Thank you.