Town Council Meeting Digest - July 23, 2019

Public Presentations

• The Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia presented a request to adopt a resolution calling for a public inquiry and moratorium on oil and gas exploration, which was approved by Council. See pdf here (2.34 MB)

Correspondence & Committees

• Recreation: The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg provided a $40,000 equitable funding grant for Recreation operations and Community Centre roof repairs. Thank you!

• Project Lunenburg: Over the summer the project team will be conducting pop-ups and on-the-street interviews with residents and visitors, including from a new temporary parklet at the corner of Lincoln and Main Streets. 

Unfinished Business

• Corporate Services: Council approved Lunenburg County Joint Accessibility Committee recommendations appointing residents to the committee and proposed Terms of Reference amendments.

• Electric Utility: The NS Utility & Review Board has approved of the Town’s alternative power (solar, etc.) “Self-Generation Offset” two-way metering rate application. More information to come on how to apply.

• CBCL Engineering’s presentation of their Wastewater Collection System report was confirmed for July 30, 12:00 p.m. 

New Business

• Corporate Services: Water Utility, Electric Utility, and Town 2018/19 operating year end and capital funding reports were presented. Council approved a transfer of $100,700 to the Water Utility’s future capital reserve; there was a net surplus of $1186 in the Electric Utility; and Council approved the Capital financing proposal included in the Town’s year-end report.

• Public Works: One high wastewater test result was an outlier and due to poor influent quality. The murky white substance that recently came into the plant is likely to be from a commercial source due to volume; the investigation is ongoing. A public anti-pollution education campaign about what not to dispose of into the wastewater system “NOT Wanted” is being launched this week. 

The full Minutes package is available on the Town website here.

Thanks to those who came out!