Town Council Meeting Digest - April 9, 2019

Public Presentations

• The Lunenburg Academy Future Use Business Plan 2.0 was shared: most of the activities and goals as laid out in the 2015 plan have been achieved, and the occupancy level is currently at 83%.

Lunenburg Academy Foundation (LAF) fundraising commitments are $100,000 each towards the front façade exterior restoration and the Lot Development landscaping plan, plus $300,000 for the Heritage Classroom project.

A draft Memorandum of Agreement regarding LAF/Town roles and responsibilities for building operations was provided for Council consideration.

Unfinished Business

• Corporate Services: The review of the Draft 2019/20 Town Budget continued. Items for discussion included signage; an announced $100,000 funding from Parks Canada for the Lunenburg Academy front façade restoration work.

Public Works recommends the purchase of an auxiliary pump for Brook Street rain events that is currently being rented. Council requested further cost details for budget consideration.

Three special Council budget review meetings will be held on April 16, 17, and 18, 2019 at 12:00 p.m.

• Council agreed to sign a revised Letter of Non-Objection regarding ABCO 3-H Holdings Inc.’s proposed purchase of Federal sea bed property in Lunenburg Harbour, subject to legal review.

• Fire Department: Council approved the use of equipment reserve funds for a camera drone to assist in search and rescue, situation assessment, etc.

• Public Works: High salinity in wastewater coming into the wastewater treatment plant, possibly due to road salt and/or higher than normal tides, had an adverse effect on January and February treatment results.

New Business

• Council proclaimed May 2019 as Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

• Council approved the carry-over of the 2018/19 unexpended capital budget balance to 2019/20 to allow project completions.

• The Town’s two-year fuel supply and furnace servicing contract was awarded to West Nova Fuels, with an option to renew for one additional two-year term.

• Council agreed to provide the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg with a letter of support for their funding application to study how to enhance domestic water and wastewater service to residents of Garden Lots.

The full Minutes package is available on the Town website here:

Thanks to those who came out!