Town Talks - Wed Feb 28, 2018

What do you think the Town of Lunenburg's priorities should be as we look to the future?

Working waterfront? Heritage preservation? Cultural diversity? Harbour quality? Housing? Family-friendly?

Lunenburg Council is reviewing the Vision and Plan for our Town and they'd love to hear from you. Please come talk to Mayor Bailey and Councillors about your ideas on this... or anything else!


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

9:00-11:00am The Dockside, 84 Montague Street

1:30-3:00pm The Savvy Sailor, 100 Montague Street

7:00-9:00pm The Knot Pub, 4 Dufferin Street

Town Talks Poster

Town Council Meeting Digest - February 13, 2018

Public Presentations

- An overview of the successful 55+ Seniors Games, held around Lunenburg County in September 2017, was presented.

- Region 6 Solid Waste Management provided an overview of current projects including educational programs in schools, offices, and food services, as well as special awareness events and publicity for proper sorting. A single-use plastic bag ban for NS is in early stage discussions. It was noted that the plastic bags in Region 6 are sold for recycling and do not go into landfill.

- The RCMP quarterly activity report was presented, including ‘The Way Forward: Sexual assault review and victim support action plan’ (available in package).

- The Property Valuation Service Corporation (PVSC) presented on Lunenburg property valuation methodology (available in package). Property assessment notices, which are the basis for property taxes, were mailed to residents in mid-January. The final appeal date is February 15th. 

Committee Recommendations

- General Government Committee: Council approved a motion to schedule a public consultation meeting on the Noise Bylaw (i.e., what levels and times are reasonable) for feedback from the residents and businesses.

- Heritage Advisory Committee: Council approved the addition of Fenwick Homer Zwicker, Sherman Zwicker, Richard Wesley Smith, and George Rhuland to the list of Prominent Lunenburgers.

  Council also gave preliminary approval for a trial Heritage Financial Incentives program, subject to 2018/19 budget confirmation.

  The Heritage Permit for proposed expansion of 2 Kempt Street (Ironworks Distillery) was approved. 

Unfinished Business

- Finance: $30,000 was allocated from a Provincial grant for the Lunenburg Academy exterior parking and landscaping plan, in anticipation of the opening of the new Public Library branch there and other tenants. This is funded by the NS Communities, Culture and Heritage Department.

- Electric Utility: A staff report on additional LED street light options was reviewed, outlining the various test lamps under consideration and shades that can be added. Council requested that staff draft a Request for Proposals for LED street lighting options. 

New Business

- Corporate Services: Development/Planning Manager Dawn Sutherland was approved as the Assistant Heritage Officer, and Heritage Officer Arthur MacDonald was approved as the Assistant Planning Officer to provide additional service opportunities.

- A report outlining PVCS’s 2018 assessment of the Town’s residential ($221,931,500 representing a 2.19% increase) and commercial properties ($43,308,200 for a 0.49% increase) was received.

- Town Talks: Informal community engagement sessions with the Mayor and Councillors will take place around Town on February 28 and/or March 1. Public invitations to come!

- Financial: As part of the 2018-19 budget preparation process, Council have asked staff to prepare a cost estimate to develop a Master Community Plan, encompassing various spheres (housing, waterfront, transportation, energy, etc.). Advertised public consultation budget meetings will be held in March and April.

- Public Works: The Wastewater Treatment Plant test result report for December 2017 was reviewed; a problem with temperature control during sample shipment has been identified and rectified. 

Thanks to all who came out!


Heritage Week February 19-25, 2018


As custodians of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we are lucky to have such a rich and diverse heritage to celebrate. During the Council Meeting of February 13th, the Mayor of Lunenburg will be proclaiming February 19th as Heritage Day, joining other communities throughout Canada in celebrating Heritage Week from February 19-25, 2018. This year’s theme is Heritage Stands the Test of Time.

In celebration of our past and our future, Heritage Stands the Test of Time is designed to inspire Canadians to embrace, explore and enjoy our enduring heritage. You can celebrate Heritage Week by walking around your neighbourhood appreciating our streetscape, and by visiting your local museums, historic sites, and cultural centres.

To celebrate our architectural legacy, the Town of Lunenburg has developed a Heritage Recognition Awards Program and is accepting nominations from February 6-March 5. Heritage Week would be an excellent time to walk around your neighbourhood and identify those you consider worthy of this special recognition. (See nomination announcement and details here.)

Let’s all rejoice this Heritage Week that we have so much to honour in Lunenburg.

Town of Lunenburg Winter Power Bill Information


The winter weather has the most influence on the kilowatt hours used by a household, especially temperature, wind, and hours of darkness.  There was a cold snap in December that lasted longer and was colder than typical for December. Wind, such as the storms we saw Christmas Day and January 4th, can have a significant effect on electric use particularly for those with electric heat, space heaters, in-floor heating, etc. When power was restored the evening of Christmas Day 2017, the draw was the highest spike ever recorded by the utility as customers heated their homes, etc. after the restoration of power. 

Unfortunately, the mean or average temperature of a month with many ups/downs and wind storms doesn’t translate to steady kilowatt hour use. We have confirmed this on review of customer accounts who have raised concerns about recent power consumption increases. 


The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) approved a 1.2% Nova Scotia Power Municipal Electric Utility rate increase effective January 1, 2018. The flow-through to Town of Lunenburg customers of this NSP rate increase per the NSUARB approve formula is 1.0%, as our operating costs are less. Effective January 1, 2018 all rate classes were increased by this percentage. 

Billing Comparison 

To compare with previous billing periods, rather than comparing the dollar amount of bills, customers should compare a) kilowatt hours used and b) the number of days.  

Please see attached document A “How to Read your Residential Electric Bill” for a guided explanation. 


A. How to Read your Electric Bill – A sample Lunenburg Electric Utility bill with a guide to the information presented there.

B. TOL Total Power Stats – A chart indicating the total Town kilowatt hour usage in the Nov-Jan period for the past three years. While this is not a single household measurement, it shows that as a whole the Town of Lunenburg’s power use is up this year over last year.

C. Temps Lunenburg Normals SMB 2017 18 – A chart of recent temperature and wind readings, Dec 1 2017-Jan 16 2018. 

D. Temps Lunenburg Normals SMB 2016 17 - Same as C for Dec 1 2016-Jan 16 2017.

E. Temps Lunenburg Normals SMB 2015 16 - Same as C for Dec 1 2015-Jan 16 2016.

Thank you.


Town of Lunenburg Community 2018/19 Grant Program

The Town of Lunenburg is accepting applications from non-profit and charitable community organizations until March 31.  The Lunenburg Town Council will consider potential grants during their Spring budget deliberations.  Successful applicants will be notified.  




Grant Application Form

 Application forms are also available at the Town Hall, 119 Cumberland Street.  Please return completed applications by March 31 to:  Lisa Dagley, Finance Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., PO Box 129, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0, (902) 634-4410, ext. 229.      

Public Works Tip

Further on the subject of the Waste Water Treatment Plant... here's how you can help at home. Thank you.

For more on waste water treatment in the Town of Lunenburg, see here.

TOL Non flushable

Biofilter Project Green-Lit

At the January 23, 2018 Town Council Meeting, Council approved the tender award for the Biofilter Odour Control system addition to the Lunenburg Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Construction was awarded to Mid Valley Construction Ltd., with supervision by CBCL Engineering Ltd. Total project cost is $1,129,088 and the Biofilter is expected to be online by November 2018. 

The odour control issue, particularly in dry summer weather, has been an intermittent problem for some time. As discussed at the November 9, 2017 public information session, there were several options considered by CBCL before landing in favour of a biofilter. 

A biofilter is effective for large air flows (>95%), has low operating and maintenance costs, and uses no chemicals. The filter biomass is made up of organic material such as wood chips, root wood, compost, and peat. Except for a fan to force air through it and a humidification pump, it has no moving parts.  

It works by pushing the plant’s foul-smelling air through perforated pipes underneath the organic filter bed and up through the biomass, where the odorous compounds are removed by absorption/adsorption then destroyed through biological disintegration. In other words, the biomass ‘eats’ the sulphides and nitrogen compounds as its food source.  

Biofilters are in place in several HRM compost facilities and have proven successful in reducing odours. Town staff were able to tour a Dartmouth biofilter this past fall. 

While the biomass materials making up the filter need replacement every few years, this solution is simple, effective, and environmentally sustainable.



Biofilter installation at Summerside WWTP

Storm Preparedness Tip

Things to think about BEFORE the next storm system comes in.

For more tips, visit the Town's Emergency Management page here.


TOL Storm Prep Power Banks

Lunenburg Town Council Meeting Digest - January 23, 2018

Public Presentations

  • Lunenburg’s new Recreation Coordinator, Kelly Cunningham, was introduced to Council. Welcome, Kelly!
  • South Shore Housing Action Coalition (SSHAC) presented on action priorities to improve access to affordable housing in the region. Their documents are in the Minutes package. Council agreed to send of a letter of support to the NS Minister of Community Services to advocate for affordable housing in rural Nova Scotia.
  • LED Streetlights: Council heard from residents on Lawrence Street regarding a recently installed LED street light. Council decided to remove the street light and replace it with a High Pressure Sodium light until a sample LED street light with a lower Kelvin rating (3000 provides a light that is more yellow in appearance vs. 4000) can be installed. UPDATE: The lower Kelvin street light was installed January 24th. As a continued pilot, a further reduced Kelvin (approx. 2500) LED street light sample will be installed on Pelham Street to assess the light appearance. All of the LED lights are fitted with shutters that can be adjusted to suit their location. Thank you to those who made time to attend the meeting.
  • Deferred to a future meeting due to presenters’ unavailability: Region 6 Solid Waste Management presentation on recycling and waste reduction programs, including plastic shopping bags; and Now Lunenburg County local government January 29 public discussion. 

Committees and Unfinished Business

  • Heritage Committee: Council agreed to add four names to the list of prominent Lunenburgers: Wallace Smith; C.J. Morrow; Captain Alexander Lewis Knickle; and Harry Adams.
  • Building on the provincial holiday, Council officially proclaimed February 19, 2018 as “Heritage Day” in the Town of Lunenburg to celebrate our diverse heritage.
  • Public Works: Council approved the Region 6 Solid Waste Management 2018/19 budget. 

New Business

  • Finance: The Finance Director reviewed the monthly variance report, and Council approved the purchase and installation of the Broad Street floating dock to later this year. Discussion on a proposed addition to the Capital Budget for the Lunenburg Academy landscaping and parking plan was deferred pending a further staff report.
  • Public Works: the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s test results for October and November 2017 was reviewed and improvements to sampling methods by maintaining a lower temperature during transport were noted.
  • The tender for construction of a Wastewater Treatment Plant “Biofilter” was awarded to Mid Valley Construction, with supervision by CBCL Ltd. for a total cost of $1.12 M. Construction is estimated to be completed and the Biofilter commissioned by November 2018. 

Thanks to all who came out!

Lunenburg Academy Restoration Progress

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 22, 2018 (Lunenburg, NS) – The Town of Lunenburg and Lunenburg Academy Foundation are pleased to provide an update on the exterior restoration work at Lunenburg Academy, a National Historic Site.  

The new Board of Directors has met on governance, established working committees, and continues its focus on organizational planning. 

Good progress is being made on the exterior restoration, despite the setback of the scaffolding collapse on the south side of the building in the storm of January 4, 2018. The wrap on a scaffold such as the one on the Academy is designed to tear away to allow wind to blow through open pipe when wind reaches a velocity of 80 km/hr. In this case, preliminary investigation indicates that the gusts reached up to 120km/hr so quickly that the entire structure was lifted and fell before the tearaway could happen. Fortunately, the contractor Coastal Restoration & Masonry was on site quickly to secure the area. Scott Burke, Interim Executive Director, says the incident will add to the timeline of the project, but not to the cost. 

The North side of the building is nearly completed. The work includes stripping the old lead-laden paint right down to the wood using a gel substance to ensure that no particles escape. The old paint is loaded into drums and removed to a facility in Quebec for disposal. The shingles are sanded, replaced where necessary, and new primer and paint applied. Windows are also being removed, the sashes being repaired and painted, and the original glass restored and re-glazed. Roofing shingles are being replaced as needed. Schooner Contracting has found that most of the original wooden decorative features are solid – the Academy was built well in 1895!  

Phase 1 of the $2 million external restoration on three sides of the building has been funded by up to $1 million from Parks Canada, $500,000 from the Province of Nova Scotia, $200,000 from the Lunenburg Academy Foundation’s fundraising efforts, and the remainder from the Town of Lunenburg. The Town and Foundation are actively working on the funding formula for Phase 2, the front of the building. 

Interior renovations for the Lunenburg Public Library have been completed and the Foundation looks forward to timing the move and opening of the Library with the completion of Phase 1. A Heritage Interpretive Classroom recreating an 1940s-era class environment is in development on the first floor. 

Tenant recruitment is ongoing. “The Academy is currently in negotiations with potential tenants for the remaining office spaces on the second floor,” says Burke. “Requests for Proposals for a café and a gallery/retail space on the first floor will be issued to be timed with the opening of the Library.”  

Current tenants of the Lunenburg Academy include the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance (LAMP), Class Afloat West Island College International, South Shore Genealogical Society, Sculptor Chippie Kennedy, and Craig Munroe Financial Management. 

About Lunenburg Academy The Lunenburg Academy is a key landmark in the town of Lunenburg and one of the most remarkable heritage buildings in the Province.  Well-known New Brunswick architect H.H. Mott designed the Academy in 1893.  The building was completed in 1895, and opened for class on November 7, 1895.  It was constructed as part of Nova Scotia’s shift from one-room schoolhouses to public academies and operated continuously as a public educational building from 1895 until 2012.  The Lunenburg Academy is the only surviving intact 19th century Academy building in Nova Scotia. 

About the Lunenburg Academy Foundation Since its inception in 1981, the non-profit registered charitable Lunenburg Academy Foundation has served its school well. Comprised of alumni both of former staff and students, community members, and otherwise interested citizens, the Foundation’s mandate has always been the care, preservation and restoration of the building. That mission is alive and well today, for the betterment of the Town and to make the building accessible to present and future generations. Since the implementation of the Academy’s Future Use Business Plan in 2015, the Foundation has participated in renovations to the facility as it transitions from a public school to a vibrant Community Cultural Centre. 

For further information, please contact: 

Scott Burke Interim, Executive Director, Lunenburg Academy Foundation

902-802-4710 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.