Project Lunenburg - Summer Engagement Update

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How to stay involved in Project Lunenburg this summer. 

Happy July! We are 5 months into Project Lunenburg, and have been hearing so many great ideas and aspirations for the future. Here are a few ways you can keep participating over the next couple months. 

What We Heard Reports

Three reports are now available on the Project Lunenburg website, covering the Individual Survey, Housing, and Transportation. Take a look to learn about the big themes and ideas that are emerging.  

Online Engagement

There are currently three opportunities to provide online input. The Values Discussion will be ongoing throughout the project. The Built Heritage Discussion is a follow-up from the June community workshop, and will be live until the end of July. The Interactive Map will also be ongoing throughout the project; the current version focuses on built heritage, transportation, and streetscapes. In each of these opportunities you are welcome to leave comments and provide feedback on other posts.  

What's Next?

Later this summer there will be outreach activities and pop-up events that will have the Project Team around town, gathering general input from residents and visitors. The next community workshop will take place in late September. 

To get in touch, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.