Mayor's Monthly Update - March 2021

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The latest Mayor's Monthly Update is available! See what Town Council and staff have been working on in March from Mayor Risser.

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Mayor’s Monthly Update

March 2021                                              

This month’s update falls on a very special day to Lunenburgers – the 100th Anniversary of Bluenose. 

  1. The Bluenose 100 centennial celebration launch is today: March 26, 2021. The virtual launch is live on Bluenose 100’s Facebook and YouTube at 10:00 a.m. and at 7:00 p.m. Among the interviews and archival footage, you’ll see a few words from me and many others. The Bluenose 100 team will be showcasing stories from descendants of the builders and crew – many never before heard – every Saturday to the end of October. Bluenose caught the imagination of the country in 1921, and still does today.
  2. Project Lunenburg has moved into the next phase: incorporating Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) projects into the Draft Town Budget 2021/22, currently under review. The budget structure itself has been aligned with the CCP. 
  3. The CCP’s Five-Year Work Plan was approved by Council this month. Council has also received the first CCP Quarterly Report as of the end of March 2021. Monitoring the progress is essential to the success of the CCP projects.
  4. Partnerships will also be key to successful implementation of the CCP. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities recently provided the Town with a $50,000 grant to help Public Works develop a GIS (geographic information system). A GIS is essentially mapping the town digitally above and below ground to allow us to better manage and maintain our assets. The GIS ties directly to the CCP’s “Servicing & Facilities” planning. 
  5. Other partnerships are about sharing information and ideas. The Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission is gathering public input on affordable housing right now – if you have needs or opinions to share, please take their 10-15 minute survey before it closes on March 31st.

Enjoy the return of spring, everyone, and I’ll be back next month. 

Mayor Matt Risser

Town of Lunenburg