Lunenburg Announces 1st Heritage Recognition Award Winners


June 7, 2018 – The Town of Lunenburg presented its 1st annual Heritage Recognition Awards winners as part of the Town’s 265th Birthday celebrations today. The Award program is to recognize property owners and developers for outstanding restoration and/or rehabilitation of a building, or well-designed infill development that contributes positively to the streetscape of the Town. 

The 2018 Heritage Recognition Award winners included: 

1. 206 Fox Street: Presented to the owner, Cheryl Orphan, for “preserving the original character of a building”

2. 206 Lincoln Street – McLachlan House: Presented to the owners, Deborah Washington and William Weedmark, for “the long term preservation stewardship of a building”

3. 290 Lincoln Street – Lunenburg Opera House: Presented to the owners, Farley and Courtney Blackman for “restoring the original character of a building”, with special recognition to Donald Bush of Shore Side Carpentry

4. 251/253/255 Lincoln Street – Hirtle Block: Presented to the owner, Lisa MacLeod, for “rehabilitating a building that contributes positively to the design of the original structure”  

“Our architectural built heritage is very important to this Town. The remarkable level of conservation we had achieved in the past helped to secure the UNESCO designation for ‘Old Town Lunenburg’ as a World Heritage Site in 1995,” said Mayor Rachel Bailey. “We cherish our international reputation as a shining example of heritage preservation, and this awards program will help to ensure that respect and appreciation of built heritage is fostered and celebrated here.  

“We are proud to recognize property owners for their work in rehabilitation, restoration and new construction befitting Lunenburg,” said Heritage Manager Arthur MacDonald. “Congratulations to the award winners, and thank you for a job well done.” 

The Awards ceremony at the Heritage Bandstand was followed by a public Community Walk with Mayor Bailey, with a route that included three of the four properties recognized today.