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The Draft Comprehensive Community Plan is ready for public feedback, and Project Lunenburg needs your help to prioritize actions, policies, or other initiatives that will move Lunenburg toward its goals in the next five years.

Video Overview: This video presents the theme areas of the Draft Comprehensive Community Plan and provides an overview of the document’s policy directives. Access the video here:

CCP Document: The Draft Plan document and accompanying engagement opportunities is available on Monday, June 22nd. Access the document here:

Project Lunenburg

Project Lunenburg is a comprehensive community planning process initiated by the Town of Lunenburg. It’s about bringing people together to set our direction for the years to come.

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The Lunenburg Comprehensive Community Plan must be developed with the community, for the community. It will be rooted in the collective ideas and desires of citizens, visitors, and local stakeholders. The project team has made a sincere commitment to meaningful community engagement integrated through all steps of the process. 

Over the next year we will take a holistic look at the future of Lunenburg. We will define community goals and aspirations, and chart a course that has community efforts moving in the same direction, contributing to a shared vision for the future. 

There will be a variety of opportunities to be involved, as the focus will be on one particular issue at a time. Each phase will include a background paper, a community workshop, an interactive online engagement, and outreach activities. Until April, we are laying the foundation for the project, with online engagement activities that will gather general input about existing conditions and aspirations for the future.  

Project Lunenburg will focus on many important topics:

  • housing
  • transportation infrastructure
  • built heritage and streetscapes
  • recreation and community spaces
  • art and culture
  • environment and sustainability
  • regional cooperation
  • economic development
  • land use policy 

The plan set out through Project Lunenburg will take years to implement. As a result, the plan must be far-looking and consider not just the expected local and global trends of today, but also of the next 40 years or more. The plan must also have a clear strategy for implementation, with well-defined and achievable steps.  

At the same time, a strong plan is not set it stone, and it does not decrease creativity or restrict opportunities. It must be flexible enough to response to what may emerge in the years to come, adapting to new trends and opportunities, and as the vision for a good community evolves.

The process is overseen by a steering committee of Council members, staff, citizen representatives, and Develop Nova Scotia. UPLAND Planning and Design are the consultants who will guide the work.

The project team has made a sincere commitment to meaningful community engagement integrated through all steps of the process. All perspectives and experiences are welcome.

Comprehensive Community Planning

Comprehensive Community Planning is a community-specific, inclusive and holistic process that covers all aspects of the community, and enables it to plan its development and lay out its vision and high-level goals for the long term. The project includes the generation of a Comprehensive Community Plan (CPP) as well as an updated Municipal Planning Strategy, Land Use By-law, and Subdivision By-law as supporting documents.

After a Request for Proposal process, The Town of Lunenburg selected UPLAND Planning + Design Inc. as its consultant partner on the CCP Project at the December 11, 2018 Council Meeting. UPLAND's proposal document can be viewed pdf here (9.24 MB) .